Metatron’s Rainbow Healing Cube

               This animation is precisely calibrated to achieve what is referred to as Schumann Resonance.  It rotates at exactly 8 rotations per second also referred to as 8Hz.    

This design pulses with etheric energy.  Although it appears that the outer cube is moving counterclockwise and the inner cube is moving clockwise, that is an optical illusion created by the animation, the outer cube is moving clockwise and the inner cube is moving counterclockwise.   Come back here whenever you need a blast of rainbow light activation healing energy.

This animated artwork creates 2 vortices or whirlpools of energy.  One comes out from your computer screen and it is pushing positive etheric energy from the void into you and the room in which you are situated.  The other vortex is it is drawing stuck negative energy from you and your space into the computer screen and back into the void.

                PLEASE NOTE: This takes a minutes to load.

Just stare into the center and relax!

For those of you without Flash…

Art Prints

Metatron’s Rainbow Healing Cube is made from a combination of the following shapes: Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, and Vector Equilibrium. Collectively I refer to these 6 shapes as The Metatronic Solids





Without the rainbowsMetatronCube20withoutrainbowsmall


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38 thoughts on “Metatron’s Rainbow Healing Cube

  1. This is amazing work and very powerful … I feel it with in thru and around me …just a feeling of powerful energy… Thanks for your time and guidance .

  2. Cool! But it doesn’t rotate smoothly for me. I’m getting a jerky motion. That’s probably not a good thing to watch. Must be in Internet connection :(

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  5. I love this!! awesome technology… this image really pulls in energy back and forth. I’m a visual artist and I work with sacred geometry… I’ve a vision of spinning platonic solids in rainbow colours being integrated into earth’s grid… I thought thats as far as it went… I have a silly question: are there any copyrights to the healing cube? :) I would love to recreate the cube to use in public display and provide this healing… Thank you so much for your service… Love & Light

  6. Hi David! Thanks you so much for all the amazing work you do….when I look at this and narrow my eyes, it appears to go slower….I can see the pyramids and the squares and the individual rainbows more clearly….the music is wonderful too…I felt it hitting me in the chest and my breath became slower and more even as well….I really appreciate you posting this! Wonderful! Sending Many Blessings, Barbara xxxxxx

  7. very nice. mine was kinda jerky too but It was still lovely to watch. and if i watched with only one eye the jerkiness was much less so… this was a nice peaceful thing to watch thank you.

  8. So Relaxing….I don’t usually get stressed .I couldn’t sleep for 4 hours last night because of a doctors appointment today. Tried taking an afternoon nap,but My Heart Waa Going SO FAST! Going thru some changes…I’m normally quite positive and calm. Thank you So MUCH! peace Love and understanding

  9. Please could you not post my details.
    This sounds amazing, but is it safe for somebody who suffers seizers?
    Thank you

    • I’m not sure whether it is safe for people who have seizures to watch this. It does tend to flash and if you have seizures brought on by strobes or flashing lights, it could indeed trigger a seizure. However, you can feel the energy from this even if your eyes are closed.

  10. Fantastic! I felt a bit unsettled and dizzy before observing this and after a few minutes when I stopped watching, I felt really centered and at peace within myself. Magnificent work David Diamondheart! Thank you!


  12. Well done ! I will share a link on face book for other friends to enjoy ! Thank you for doing the Great Work. Namaste

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