Bashar Symbols Sacred Circuitry Meditation

BasharSymbols BASHAR’s Sacred Circuitry Symbols: 15 Symbols that will help our Physical Brain REWIRE its neurological paths for the development of these states and faculties, making it “Hyper-Conductive” and therefore improve the communication between higher Self and Physical Mind, allowing you to access more information, tap into understandings more rapidly, more readily, gain perspectives that allow greater perception. Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and relax your Mind and Body. Step 2: Observe each symbol for a period of 1 minute. (first complete the upper line, then the middle line, and finally the line of symbols at the bottom)-15 Symbols for 1 min. each (15 MINUTES) Step 3: Complete this same process three days in a row at first, (for a stronger and deeper initial impact in the rewiring of the brain) then every once in a while and in no particular order. NOTE: Allow yourself to feel the different states of each Symbol, feel the activation of these states, observe and absorb each symbol as you go through them. Always Relaxed, Always Enjoying. -Bashar-

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1 thought on “Bashar Symbols Sacred Circuitry Meditation

  1. Angie

    Thank you so much for all the work you have put in for our upliftment.
    These images stirred exciting feelings within me.
    As a child I used to continually draw a symbol, never knew why or what it meant, but it’s still there in my minds eye.
    The symbol is almost identical in it’s nature to those you have given us, ie; it always has the circles. As I cannot draw it here, I can only say my symbol looks like a written ‘Y’ with the lower line curled slightly to the left and with circles on each termination point. Can you help me identify it’s meaning please.


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