1 thought on “The Primer Fields

  1. Jan Deelstra

    Hello David. I’m hoping this comment will not be posted, at least not with my personal email address attached. You may certainly post the praise of it, as it is from by (chakra-activated) heart; just not my personal email!
    You subscribed to my blog/ezine at http://www.JanDeelstra.com, and I noticed your website so I came to check it out. My response is WOW-SQUARED! This is a phenomenal playground! I am (provided it is approved by you) planning on placing a link to your page here on my site. It’s not often that a website piques my fascination, but this one surely has! Please shoot off an email to let me know if you approve of me placing your link on my page, and I’ll get it done. If not, that’s fine too. I just think this is a most inspiring place to contemplate. As an after thought, this is a nice clean theme too. It leads me to re-think my theme…. ~Warmest Regards, Jan


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