This is a Flower of Life made from a grid of 37 Metatron’s 64 Tetra Cubes.
Metatron’s 64 Tetra Cube is a combination of the 64 tetrahedron object and a modified Metatron’s Cube. This design has a very high vibration and will potentiate activation of dormant strands of DNA to aid in the ascension process.

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Not too many people can say that they have had dinner with a fire phoenix. Other than the addition of my digital art, this image is unretouched. Right there, atop the onion volcano, you can clearly see the fire phoenix right down to his beak hole and kneecaps. If you turn the image upside down, you can clearly see a face with another fire phoenix coming out of the top of the head.

Photography Prints


This is the new Geometric Flower Of Life as revealed to me by Archangel Metatron. It consists of a grid of 37 of the new updated Metatron’s Cubes. It is very powerful and healing.

Geometric Flower Of Life

This artwork is made from a grid of 37 of the new Metatron’s Cubes, which form the Geometric Flower Of Life. It also contains the new 15 sephira Tree Of Life which is balanced for chakra energies. It also includes the Infinite Now symbol on the top and the word LOVE at the bottom. This artwork is┬ávery healing and will balance your chakras just by gazing upon it.

Infinite Love

This is the new Metatron’s Rainbow Healing Cube. It contains the 5 Platonic Solids (Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, and Dodecahedron) plus it also contains the Vector Equilibrium and 6 light splitting prisms and resultant rainbows.Metatrons Rainbow Healing Cube


This artwork is created from a grid of 49 chakra balancing and activating symbols. The individual symbols are a combination of modified Metatron Cubes and 4 concentric Penrose “impossible” triangles. This healing artwork will project balanced chakra activating and healing energies into any room in which it is placed.Chakra Healing Grid

This artwork is a collage of thirteen 6D hypercubes joined together in a Fruit Of Life configuration. It also includes 6 standard Fruit Of Life shapes for contrast and to make the 6D Fruit Of Life main image “pop.” It emits a high intensity pulse of etheric energies.

6D Fruit Of Life

This artwork incorporates 16 overlapping and interwoven circles. In the center it has a rainbow diamond heart. This design pulses with the energy of the torus. The diamond heart in the center represents the heart of all creation, pure love.16 Circles

This image is a compilation of the Rosy Cross, 4 rainbow diamond hearts, 2 infinity signs and 2 double infinity signs set against a background of a field of stars. It represents the infinite love of God and the brotherhood of all humanity and all that those 2 concepts imply.For The Love Of God

There are 13 full moons in a lunar year. This design incorporates 13 interlocking woven circles around the outside, 1 for each full moon in a lunar year and a 14th circle towards the center to provide focus and balance to the work. This image vibrates with the cool silvery female energy of the moon.

Moon Flower

127 Modified Metatron’s cubes plus 5 defined modified Kaballah Trees of Life plus 4 additional interpolated shorter modified Kaballah Trees of Life result in the highest vibrational design I have created thus far. This design will amplify your own personal energetic field and anyone in the space in which it is displayed. This is sacred geometric magic

5 Trees Love

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